About Us

Dave and Amanda welcome tourists and locals alike to Les Platanes, a small bijou restaurant in the pretty village of Poilhes on the Canal du Midi.   Over the years they have attracted a loyal following.  


One evening over a bottle of local wine regular diners who own a holiday house in the village were talking about how their flight always arrives too late to do the shopping and wouldn't it be fabulous if the fridge was full when they arrived ... it would really take the hassle out of the first day of their holiday.  Et voila!  The idea for Les Platanes In-Home Cuisine Services was formed.


When you've rented a luxurious villa or boat as your home-away-from-home in the south of France, the last thing you want to think about is finding the nearest supermarket, stocking the fridge, or translating your shopping list into French.  You have probably been travelling all day, now you have arrived all you want is a meal that has been lovingly prepared for you and a nice cold beer or glass of wine.